The rules governing liquor licensing in Northern Ireland are complex and specific to this jurisdiction. There are often quite a few formalities to be complied with and these need to be completed within strict timescales in order for the application to be acceptable to the Court.

Over the years Thomas Taggart & Sons have represented licence holders for all types of licensed premises in Northern Ireland (such as public houses, off-licenses, hotels, guest houses and restaurants).

We can assist you in obtaining a licence to begin with and then having it renewed when necessary or transferred to another person or entity (such as a tenant or purchaser of the business). We can also help you obtain a protection order (i.e. to authorise the use of the licence until an application for the transfer or renewal of the licence can be made) or an occasional licence (i.e. to authorise you to sell alcohol away from your usual trading premises for a special occasion). We can also apply to increase your permitted trading hours or to obtain a children’s certificate.

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