Setting up and running a business is becoming increasingly regulated. Thomas Taggart & Sons provide a complete business service to large and small enterprises across Northern Ireland. We will give you timely and commercially-focused advice to help you protect your business’s interests and give it a competitive edge.


Services for new businesses:

Corporate structure advice

We can advise you on the different business models available (limited company, partnership, sole trader, franchise, charity etc.) to allow you to decide which one best suits your needs.

Corporate governance advice

We can take care of all the paperwork involved in establishing your business (such as registering it at Companies House or drafting the partnership or franshise agreement).

Commercial property

Our property solicitors can help you acquire premises either through a lease or by purchasing it outright.


Services for existing businesses:

Cash flow, recovery and insolvency

We can help protect against unpaid debts by ensuring your contracts with customers and suppliers are fit for purpose and enforceable. We can also assist you in recovering outstanding debts though legal action or ensuring companies fulfil their legal obligations. We can assist with issuing Statutory Demands, bankruptcy proceedings and Winding-Up Petitions.

Commercial contracts

We offer a quick turn-around contract review service. Each review will summarise the proposed contract in jargon-free language and pin-point the key issues and the risks to your business. We can also draft bespoke contracts as and when needed by your business. If your business regularly buys or sells goods or services, we can draft standard terms and conditions of purchase/sale. We pride ourselves in ensuring our contracts are easy to understand and robust.

Employment law

We offer a complete employment law service to include drafting employment contracts and company policies, assisting when disputes arise and helping you defend claims at the Employment or Industrial Tribunal. We can also assist with employee rights under TUPE.

Acquisition, merger and expansion

We can help your business acquire other assets or businesses. We can advise on asset sale/share sale agreements and help you undertake the necessary due diligence checks. We will work closely with your accountant to ensure any acquisition takes places on the right terms for the right price.

Intellectual property protection and exploitation

If your business is successful, others may try to “pass off” on your branding or reputation. We can help you protect your IP by registering trademarks or issuing “cease and desist” letters on your behalf. We can also help you exploit your IP through licensing or assignment agreements.


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