Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

- by Thomas Taggart & Sons

You will be aware of the rapidly changing situation in respect of the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. 

Following the latest Government and Public Health advice, please be assured that we are doing everything we can to help prevent the spread of the virus while looking after our employees and clients.

As well as putting in place additional health and safety measures to help protect our employees, we have implemented an appropriate and measured response to ensure continuity of service as the present situation escalates.

We have:

  1. Developed a Business Continuity Plan to ensure that we can continue to deliver services to our clients;

  2. Put in place systems and processes to allow staff to work remotely and securely, as necessary. This is something we can easily do as all our systems are cloud-based and we have access to the information we need, wherever we are;

  3. Issued specific advice to our employees on how to avoid infection and slow the spread of the virus; and

  4. Considered various scenarios that could affect our business and developed strategies to use in response.

One of the best ways of slowing the spread of the virus is to reduce unnecessary person-to-person contact. With this in mind, we would ask for your understanding as we adjust our working practices in order to continue providing services to you with minimum disruption.

Face to face appointments are not always necessary and we will be able to have meetings with clients by telephone or by video conference and this will ensure travel and personal contact is kept to an absolute minimum.

Our key objective is to maintain our services to our clients while taking measures to protect and support our employees. We intend to carry on with our business, looking after your interests, as much as possible.

In summary, we will keep calm and carry on, taking the necessary precautions, and working around any issues which arise.  We know you will do likewise. 

Best wishes to all our clients and colleagues as we all deal with the challenges we face together.

Thomas Taggart & Sons

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